Product defects, faults, need to return or exchange:

Our company's products cannot provide return and exchange services for non-defective, non-commodity errors, and out-of-size.

● If you receive a faulty product or a product that does not match the order, please allow our company to return and exchange the product only has not been used.

● If there is any product defect, please send clear photos and a description of the problem to Mitomo customer service mailbox :
within seven days after the product arrived.


  • 本公司無法提供非瑕疵、非商品錯誤、尺寸不合的退換貨服務。
  • 如收到故障瑕疵品、與訂購內容不符的商品,請允許本公司僅在未經使用的情況下進行退換貨。
  • 如有商品瑕疵問題請於商品到貨後七天內,將清楚照片及問題描述寄至三友機工Mitomo客服信箱